Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'll see ya around.

Today I found myself with so much to say, so much to feel, so much to do! (I really need to let this one out of my system, seriously).

Gosh! I have tons of homework and look at me, writing in my blog a new entry as cool as ice can be haha.. Well, today I just wanted to say that even though I'm dead for you, I'm still alive, you live around 3 miles from my place and we're still sharing the same sky.

I wished things were different and you were happy, somehow, with somebody else because you deserve it, stop following my shadow, the old me is gone, completely gone forever. I pray for you, yeah, I still do.

The world keeps going round and round but when everything stops and I think about you, I would like to say the only thing that comes to my heart: I'm sorry. I'm very sorry to try to change you, to made you think we we're meant to be and that back then when I was younger (young and dumb) I thought it was love what I felt for you, and I made you love me like anything in this world.

Now, I understand why God decided to take me far away, to become the person that I am now, for me everything is new, but for you everything remains the same, and I just wish to see you smiling like you used to when I met the real you.

Goodbye for now, just remember, before I go, I want you to keep in your heart this words: If you want the world to smile back at you, please be the one who smiles first! love will come to you again if you believe it so.

Like Avril Lavigne said: Goodbye Lullaby.