Thursday, September 24, 2009

a Friday in my life

Waking up in the morning with something in mind... oh I´m running late [nahh not really] but for my standards I was right on time.

Play with my dog for a little while as I was making my breakfast it´s one of my favorite things to do, but is still annoying to have to wash my hands every 10 seconds.

Brush my teeth, run to the door, and lock it right behind me, and here I go, my day is bright and sunny! and walking to the bus stop is not that painful, and smells nice because of the new bakery.. awww I like that smell, fresh bread in the morning.

Having to go to class all morning is not that fun, but when is interesting, I must confess that I love it, and you know me, - the time goes fast when you´re having FUN -.

So, the morning went away, just like a good book in the last chapter, or like a great Japanese anime episode.

On the way back home I like sometimes to look through the window in the bus, I always see something new, maybe people walking, people talking (but not on the phone, is dangerous in El Salvador)...

Arriving at home lunch is ready because Ana (family´s maid) works in my house on Fridays, I ask her how is she doing as she takes a lunch brake, we talk for a while about the differences about living in the city and the country (were she lives), and also about my grandma, because my grandma is so loving and caring.. then she says, - Ligia called - and checking finally my phone I can see her txt saying that... we need to go out for doughnuts and talk.

The greatest moment in the day finally comes, there´s just NOTHING in the world like going out with her to a doughnut place called "Mister Donut" and just hang out.

Ligia and I have been best friends since I remember, we grew up together teasing each other, and calling ourselves with some other friends, "the lesbians frogs" that´s why we like frogs so much lol.

We went to school together, and also attended the same church were we first met and over time started to serve.

She has been there for me every time I really needed her:

When I got sick
When I got surgery (wisdom teeth)
When my dog got sick
For my dog´s checkup
Just to hang out in my house
To have dinner at a Taiwanese Restaurant
To talk about boys at Mister Donut
To talk about life
When I needed a best friend´s advice

And of course... to go to the bathroom with!

Those are just a few reasons why, I am so excited when it comes to share some doughnuts with Ligia at our favorite spot.

I just miss the old times, the good times... and having Ligia in my life.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sobre mi vida anterior

Has vivido 8273 días, 1 horas, 38 minutos y 32 segundos en esta vida.

No sé cómo te sientas al respecto Nora, pero parece que tú fuiste hombre en tu última encarnación.

Muy probablemente pasaste los últimos momentos de tu vida en algún lugar cerca de Hawai, aproximadamente en el año 0575.

Es posible que tu ocupación en esa vida fuera algo relacionado con librero, monje, guardián de reliquias

Una breve descripción psicológica de tu vida anterior: Buscador de la verdad y la sabiduria. Pudistes imaginar tus vidas futuras. Otras personas te miraban como un idealitas, un lider espiritual.

Lo que tu vida pasada te ha enseñado para la presente: Ayudas a los ancianos y a los niños. Tu venistes a esta vida a aprender y a cuidar de los necesitados y débiles.

No creo mucho en esto pero estuvo interesante.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hoy no puedo dormir

Nunca pensé que llegaría este día.

Nunca me imaginé que hablar sobre la violencia en El Salvador se volvería parte de mi vida como es hoy.

Una llamada telefónica es todo lo que hacen, para asustar, para ponerte alerta.

"Te llama Cristian Velásquez, de seguro no me conoce por mi nombre, pero a mi me conocen como el Spiderman de la mara salvatrucha, ya le llegó el sobre con las instrucciones?"


Mi mamá colgó el teléfono.