Sunday, October 22, 2017

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Yo no puedo

Nadie puede convencer a nadie de seguir y creer en Dios. Eso lo hace el poder de Dios únicamente.

Por lo tanto es mi misión compartirles de Dios mas no convencerles.

Tristemente muchos a quienes conozco puede que se vayan al infierno... aun cuando no crean que haya uno, ellos lo descubrirán.

Tuve un momento de impotencia y concluí eso.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

I feel

Like if I were in a galaxy far far away from him.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Breaking up with you on social media

Yesterday was Valentine's day.

Today I realized how social media has really bumped me out of my own relationship with my boyfriend.

Since he is a graphic designer is pretty fair that he is constantly updating himself about what's trending....

When we first met I actually was never that into Facebook,  Twitter, instagram or omg snapchat- no way that's for kids.

Well, it turned out that I wanted to be close to my boyfriend and I got on my phone all of those apps.... but today since our relationship is hitting rock bottom due to social media, I'm reflecting what went wrong.

Every time we would get into a fight he would remove his hearts/likes from my instagram pictures- ridiculous! Or when we were not talking to each other, he would remove from his instagram his pictures of us.... still ridiculous!

Now let's move on to Twitter... well we both discharge our anger with borrowed words with as many retweets as possible and would write in less than 140 characters our frustration for one another. What a way to talk to each other! The hardest part was when he would favorite something harsh that I would say about him...

We were not big fans of Facebook but it came along the way too.

So, to sum up, we spoke this afternoon because last night he chose to post stories about his dog and stuff at home on instagram instead of answering me on whatsapp.... I got angry because social media for him is more important than me, he tells me that is all pure work, well it doesn't matter, I still hate the fact that he is all the time stuck on his phone even when we are spending time together.

Today he told me that he won't miss me on social media because I was on the way anyways. 

We're still together but blocked in all social social media outlets.