Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mixed feelings

It rains in El Salvador... Then it's sunny... Then it rains again.

There are times when I get these mixed feelings, and I want to imagine that is raining in Baltimore, that is sunny in Missouri, that I get to play in the snow in Washington Dc, that I can feel the breeze in Pennsylvania and finally that I get to go to church in New Jersey.

I wonder what kind of memories will Asia bring for me.

Trip to Taiwan on mid 2013.

This will be VERY interesting and F-U-N!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Food Food Food - Not asking for much

I wonder why in the world does everything has to do with food?

If a birthday... we celebrate eating.

If a family gathering... everybody must eat at least a piece of cake for dessert.

If a meeting... where do you go and discuss something? tell me, what restaurant or cafe?

Today I felt really bad, sadly because of food. I'm not gonna get into more details because of very personal reasons, plus I wouldn't want to get fired.

I had enough of explaining myself to people that I'm allergic to many kinds of food that I rather avoid instead of having "just a little bite".

I love myself, very much. I do respect people, but still, I love me more.

I refuse to eat gluten: Makes me feel dizzy, my eyes see blurry, I get nausea, I get a headache. So, please try to understand that I won't eat any birthday cake, white bread, oat meal or cookie, because: I love myself more than all of that.

I refuse to have sweet things: Regular Sugar/Splenda makes me have really bad cramps and my stomach grows the size of a 4-month pregnant lady, plus the horrible pain that lasts for hours. So, with that being said, I won't have anything with sugar in it.

Plus, in addition to gluten and sugar, there is also: milk, pork (yup, I don't eat ham).

All of the above is true, and makes me sick that people don't believe me or maybe they don't care when I say "I won't eat that". Usually I get angry faces at me because people might think that I'm rejecting their food - well in fact I have to, but it's for a reasonable cause: I don't want to regret it later.

After everything I went through today, I decided one thing that I believe it's gonna help me live the life that I want, and it will fulfill everything with many more pleasant memories:

I decided to stop going to certain social events that would attempt against my well being. That's all. I will no longer attend any sort of event/meeting/gathering that is not hosted by a close friend or relative.

Nobody likes pushy people, but in my case it's much more than that, this time it went too far and I'm done.