Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 2: Saved by the Bread & Ham

I acknowledged it was Day 2 without mom when I woke up this morning because the trash truck was out with that loud ringing bell capable to work basically as an alarm clock, but for me it was the sign to realize that nobody took the trash out, however, I did what I have to do, since my brother didn't even wake up to repair it was trash day... I ran in my Pjs with one trash bag on each hand, but when I finally got to the front door, the trash truck was gone.

It was raining, and somehow I decided to open the door though, take the trash out, and just watch the rain with no traffic. I stayed there less than 5 min with my very fashion purple with green stars umbrella, when the unthinkable happened: The trash truck CAME BACK, oh wow, this was my lucky day, the guys took my trash bags and I smiled; in fact the guys smiled too...oh Crap, I realized that I was wearing my Pjs on the street, kinda embarrassing.

Anyways, I found out that since I haven't been cooking for my middle brother anymore, since our last discussion about the quality of our house' s homemade food, he has been having Ham sandwiches! way to go ah? just wondering if he is ever gonna make his famous 'eggs' and use his special ingredients, like.... "Salt".

To do list:
Dishes - checked
Laundry - checked
My lunch (shrimp with garlic) - Checked
brush my teeth - of course, checked!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 1: I'm not my brother's Au Pair

Today is the first day without mom, she went on a vacation to the US to visit her mom, sisters, niece and nephews, Cool, she'll have lots of fun...

Now, I thought about Jeff again, and the only thing crossing my mind is my best friend's advice, it was short, direct and in 3 words resumed the advise I will follow from now on...

It's hard to start complaining at this point, is just the first day, but I'm definitely my brother's Au Pair, I'm not even getting payed for this, and after today's lunch, I'm ready to quit... He has been so spoiled his whole life that if you ask him "what" can YOU cook, he'll answer: eggs.

It makes me angry to have the responsibility of serving a 25 year old guy who feels so comfortable knowing that is somebody else's job to make his food, do his laundry, clean his room, make sure he even has Shampoo, oh PLEASE!

There seems to be no limit to his stupid comments. And what pissed me off really bad was the fact that he said that he hates homemade food, he practically eats it because it's free, but is not up to his Standards, I was like WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?, yeah he said that literally "Homemade food is not high quality, not up to my Standards", excuse ME, seriously? that guy knows exactly how to get under my skin.

So, here's my brother talking about the quality of our house's homemade food, like if he could cook better, and truth be told, he doesn't even know how to start the oven. I'm sick of this, he is so unconsidered, lazy, stubborn and arrogant.

Oh, and my best friend's advice is: Fa qu Jeff. And now that I think (not so hard) it applies to my brother as well.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I guess you're hidden somewhere in my head

I was talking with my mom, and she asked me if I knew anything about you, so I guess that's how everything started...

Finally I found out that we are not over, I never wanted to end what we had... anyways, that's not the point right now, but our memories together are still alive in my heart, it takes just so little to go back there when we were staring at each other at that Italian restaurant, falling in love and talking about getting married...

I'm sorry, I won't keep this up, let's talk about it in 3 years like we promised/said and see how much we've grown by then.

You still distract me...

Now that I'm piled up with homework, I can't help thinking of you, just wondering if you'll ever gonna say a word to me... I hope you're fine, I hope you're more than ok, and maybe, just maybe, thinking of me too.

I can see the seasons go by in every picture of yours, I see your eyes, and I still see my sweet boy, the one I fell in love with a long time ago. Are you waiting for me? you know I'll call you in 3 years from now.

I won't cry no more for you, there's no reason for it. If we're meant to be, time will tell, God will bound us somehow in the right time.

You remember my words? "No matter what, I'll be here for you, you'll always be my Jeff"

And just maybe, this will be our song someday...

P.S. I'm feeling cheesy today, I even used your favorite color for the border of the video, you can laugh about it, I still can't believe it's orange.

Gotta get back to work, I STILL have homework (oO')

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Web Site

Not doing much, I'm just jumping into my next big project...

First step: Creating a New concept, fun and fresh... A New Web Page for all the crazy stuff that I love doing.

Just wait and see ;)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Receipt request

Me : "Good evening, could you please help me up? I just got delivered my order and my name on the receipt is all wrong, could you please check my register and correct it?"

Lady : "Hold on"... (45 sec)

Lady : Is your name, Nora Mirian Diaz de Escobar? Nora Mirian Escobar de Diaz?

Me : NO

Lady : Oh wait, let me doble check, is it Nora - Mirian - Escobar - Diaz?

Me : NO

Nora Mirian de Escobar?

Me : (o_O)

I thought she was kidding, but seriously?

How many times can you get a name all wrong on the same phone call when you are requesting a receipt with the right name on it?

This just happened to me 10 minutes ago and those where the responses I got over the phone from a lady at the pharmacy when I was repeating my name over and over, just to discover so many different ways that someone is capable to mix up and screw up my name.

By the way my name is Nora Miriam Díaz Escobar

New Ringtone

So, I got a new ringtone for my phone, maybe this time I'll pay more attention to it. It's funny the way this works, now, I can't wait for somebody to call me: The expectation.

Although, the reason I don't even bother to fish for my phone in my purse/book bag/Tote, is because nobody really calls me (aw poor thing, meh! I don't really care). My mom and dad always know where am I, what am I doing and who am I with, so I guess that's the important thing.

Anyways, why bothering then to motivate myself to check my phone more often? ...Well, in the past few weeks, because I didn't, I couldn't help a friend at church when she needed me to sing with her, I found myself carrying around my laptop to show a video to somebody who texted me an hour before the meeting that she wasn't really coming, and in both situations, of course, I found out until: A DAY AFTER.

I learned my lesson, and here it is:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

WTMI ? (Way Too Much Information)

I don't think I could be afraid or ashamed to show the real me in public anymore, I'm proud of who I am now, who I've become since my last trip... Wanna know more about Norix Di (ME)?

We can list a few things:

I'm not scared of heights, although I don't like flying, being on an aircraft is just necessary, not a pleasure for me.

I'm not claustrophobic, although I don't like elevators, you'll see me walking up the stairs all the time... it's healthier though! "I'm young and healthy": that's the excuse.

I moonwalk every time, everywhere, in front of anyone and then just laugh with no shame!

I rather have long hair, although, I donated my long and beautiful hair for a cause, and always get sick of people reminding me how different I look when they say "what did you do to your hair?!" UGH, c'mon people!

I have my falls, and one of them is that I check Facebook more than my own phone, I always have tons of old messages, missed calls, Sorry!

I am RUDE! I'm allergic to many different kinds of food, so don't get surprised if I smile and say: "Hey, can I smell what you're eating?" (still, with no shame!)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm On Fire!

I was checking myself out in the mirror, next to it there was the door of my closet open and all I saw in my wardrobe are things that I sort of "liked" the most from when I used to go shop around at the different malls I've gone to... But I'd like to wear something that I LOVE, you know what I mean?

I found myself shopping around online this afternoon, I couldn't find that 'something' that makes me say, -gotta have it!- I went to kohl's .com, Hot Topic .com, I was even looking for shirts at ThinkGeek .com, I was desperate, can't find anything exciting or fun to wear. SO, maybe I should do something about it, like start making my own clothes or something, wear 'another' kind of shirts, an original creation, something that I'd be proud to wear, and also friendly to see in other girls... Fashion but casual... inspired on girls that want to feel, look comfortable and sexy ^_^

The more I think about it, the more excited I get.

To wear whatever I want... Gotta work it!

I'm thankful somehow that I'm sick... Well, it gives me a good excuse to push myself to eat really healthy, to workout hard, not only be but feel and look healthy, and wear whatever I want... I'm not a superficial person, but now that I have no boyfriend I'm focusing a lot on myself... Putting all my energy on what's important right now.

Moving on from a relationship is hard, but I think it helps to know that my ex-boyfriends' new girlfriends aren't that pretty or they are in fact chubby, why does that helps me? oh, come on! I'm size 1, makes me feel beautiful hahahaha! (ridiculous but it does) make me have a high self-esteem.. I actually don't even need to compare myself to them, plus there's no comparison, my skills on everything are way above the standards for a 'normal' girl.

On the other hand the only side effect is that now, I'm feeling like C3PO. It's so hard for me to move and flex (right now) because I'm weight training and doing cardio. Yesterday I added 3 more pounds on arms and shoulders, and did 60 pounds on my legs.

It's totally worth it.


Shy? oh no way!

I don't think there's anything I wouldn't dare to do, that leads me to my next project, my new video, I have tons of ideas that need to be put together... Or separate... Organize in general in more than 2 videos.

I want a blue wig, I want to dress up, and I want to do something fun, that's the hardest part I guess, I need to believe that wherever I go, it's not about the place, it's all about the creativity and how to show it. The only thing is to feel free to do it, I'm afraid I'll get kicked out of a parking lot, shopping mall, or supermarket... Where else can I go in El Salvador to make a fun video? I'm really open to any suggestion actually, somewhere I can go, and be myself... is that too much to ask?

Ok Nora, calm down! don't freak out, don't get frustrated, you'll get through this and somehow you'll find the way to feel comfortable with the fact that you need to put up with this situation right now, you don't like it down here, but is just temporary, so please, don't you just give up like that, think about it.

(Yeah, sometimes I talk to myself... sometimes through the mirror, and maybe I'm not the only one who does that)

I'm just a little angry because I don't feel free... I want to be myself, I want to show it.

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