Monday, September 6, 2010

New Ringtone

So, I got a new ringtone for my phone, maybe this time I'll pay more attention to it. It's funny the way this works, now, I can't wait for somebody to call me: The expectation.

Although, the reason I don't even bother to fish for my phone in my purse/book bag/Tote, is because nobody really calls me (aw poor thing, meh! I don't really care). My mom and dad always know where am I, what am I doing and who am I with, so I guess that's the important thing.

Anyways, why bothering then to motivate myself to check my phone more often? ...Well, in the past few weeks, because I didn't, I couldn't help a friend at church when she needed me to sing with her, I found myself carrying around my laptop to show a video to somebody who texted me an hour before the meeting that she wasn't really coming, and in both situations, of course, I found out until: A DAY AFTER.

I learned my lesson, and here it is:

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