Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 2: Saved by the Bread & Ham

I acknowledged it was Day 2 without mom when I woke up this morning because the trash truck was out with that loud ringing bell capable to work basically as an alarm clock, but for me it was the sign to realize that nobody took the trash out, however, I did what I have to do, since my brother didn't even wake up to repair it was trash day... I ran in my Pjs with one trash bag on each hand, but when I finally got to the front door, the trash truck was gone.

It was raining, and somehow I decided to open the door though, take the trash out, and just watch the rain with no traffic. I stayed there less than 5 min with my very fashion purple with green stars umbrella, when the unthinkable happened: The trash truck CAME BACK, oh wow, this was my lucky day, the guys took my trash bags and I smiled; in fact the guys smiled too...oh Crap, I realized that I was wearing my Pjs on the street, kinda embarrassing.

Anyways, I found out that since I haven't been cooking for my middle brother anymore, since our last discussion about the quality of our house' s homemade food, he has been having Ham sandwiches! way to go ah? just wondering if he is ever gonna make his famous 'eggs' and use his special ingredients, like.... "Salt".

To do list:
Dishes - checked
Laundry - checked
My lunch (shrimp with garlic) - Checked
brush my teeth - of course, checked!

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