Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 1: I'm not my brother's Au Pair

Today is the first day without mom, she went on a vacation to the US to visit her mom, sisters, niece and nephews, Cool, she'll have lots of fun...

Now, I thought about Jeff again, and the only thing crossing my mind is my best friend's advice, it was short, direct and in 3 words resumed the advise I will follow from now on...

It's hard to start complaining at this point, is just the first day, but I'm definitely my brother's Au Pair, I'm not even getting payed for this, and after today's lunch, I'm ready to quit... He has been so spoiled his whole life that if you ask him "what" can YOU cook, he'll answer: eggs.

It makes me angry to have the responsibility of serving a 25 year old guy who feels so comfortable knowing that is somebody else's job to make his food, do his laundry, clean his room, make sure he even has Shampoo, oh PLEASE!

There seems to be no limit to his stupid comments. And what pissed me off really bad was the fact that he said that he hates homemade food, he practically eats it because it's free, but is not up to his Standards, I was like WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?, yeah he said that literally "Homemade food is not high quality, not up to my Standards", excuse ME, seriously? that guy knows exactly how to get under my skin.

So, here's my brother talking about the quality of our house's homemade food, like if he could cook better, and truth be told, he doesn't even know how to start the oven. I'm sick of this, he is so unconsidered, lazy, stubborn and arrogant.

Oh, and my best friend's advice is: Fa qu Jeff. And now that I think (not so hard) it applies to my brother as well.

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W-ME said...

Haha! I like the 3-word advice!