Tuesday, December 28, 2010


On 2010 I would have made the biggest mistake of my entire life, well, actually many. But for now happiness is fulfilling all aspects in my very personal decisions. I don't know for sure where am I going with this entry but it was really time to post something about the things that I didn't do that allowed me to grow and understand beyond what my eyes can see.

First of all, I'm glad God lead me to El Salvador to realize that it was time to finish my degree, I have one more year left of my career of Marketing and Publicity, and after this last semester I felt that it was the right thing to do.

On the other hand I've gone through many changes and stages during 2010, when I came back to El Salvador, I never thought that I was gonna catch up with the fact that life goes on, and my 'friends' from school weren't there for me anymore. So I was down to zero in my social life. I was even heartbroken still, but for now I'm done bring up that topic. Just for the record, I do not feel ready to be in a relationship still, and no more comments about it.

I learned a lot about finances and jerks during 2010 for sure. My prayer is that may God's justice will be made on them, because this people have no fear to God, oh well, let me tell you this, nobody wants to go over my heavenly father, but is too late for those who took advantage of me, and yes pin1531 you'll pay but not by my hands, and you can call it Karma if you want, I call it God's Justice.

I've learned so much the hard way that all I can say is that I'm very thankful I'm done, I made it so far, and it's been good. Everything turned out not as I expected, but gladly for the best.

Is way funny how God speaks to me throughout other people, and every time I've made up my mind He comes with a whole new plan for me, fresh ideas, love it-love it!, and I'm excited to begin the research of scholarships in Europe, thanks to my new french friend who highly recommends them. I'm not staying in El Salvador for long, but this time I understand that is not because I'm making a fuzz about it, but because is on God's plans to take me some other place and glorify His name with my life.

So, whether it seems good, bad or blurry, let's rock out this 2011 and give our best!


Thursday, November 25, 2010



So, today is Thanksgiving Day, and what is usually done in a day like today is sharing with family great memories, but most of all, say a prayer to thank God for the good we all have in our lives.

I think it would be more exciting if I were actually celebrating this holiday in El Salvador, but anyways...

I'd like to thank for a wonderful-not perfect but great family that God has chosen for me to be part of, because He has touched my heart in every way with every single relative. It is truly amazing how God let me have the chance to spend a little time with most of my extended family and also to meet awesome friends in the last couple of years.

I am thankful for every friend I met in the US, and for the very few I have in El Salvador, they are a blessing and make my life better, everyday.

I am thankful in every way about INTERNET, nowadays is primordial to keep in touch with people, so I love Skype, E-mail, Facebook and now, Twitter... And also because of Technology in general I think as well: My Amazing MacBook and gadgets HOORAY...

But not only material things bring me happiness, well, actually they do, wait what?!

YEAH, Happiness comes from material things, what it doesn't is JOY, and joy can only come from God, what's the difference? well, I've learned that Happiness is a temporarily feeling, and Joy is the never lasting state of inner felicity that God gives you when the Holy Spirit comes into your heart. Kinda complicated but still the coolest thing.

In other words, I am mostly thankful for having Jesus in my life, and having the honor of serving Him with my gifts.

...And that's what I'm thankful for, YAY, happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 22, 2010


YES, Ladies and Gentlemen, no kidding, people have asked me not once or twice but several times during the past 4 weeks these questions:

FAQ1: "Where is your laptop??"

A: Hey, I don't have to carry it around when isn't needed, plus it weighs 5 pounds and for me it really is kinda heavy lol. (I've never being well known b/c of my strengh)

FAQ2: "When are you getting a boyfriend?"

A: WOOOT? why in the world do people think that I'm missing something on my side holding my hand? I'm okay, not planning on having or 'getting' one any time soon. Thanks for the concern. ¬¬

FAQ3: "Why is that you don't have a boyfriend?"

A: People, c'mon! I don't need a boyfriend anymore, I'm young and I'll wait 4 years to give it a shot one last time, just not now. Seriously.

FAQ4: "Hey you have potential... So, What the heck are doing in El Salvador?"

A: I still have no idea, no wait, I'm here because I need a degree, is the only way I'll be 'somebody' out there.

FAQ5: "When are you leaving?"

A: Well, according to the plan I'll get out of here in 2 years. According to God's plan, NO IDEA.

FAQ6: "Are you the girl in the hugs video?"

A: Yes I am.

FAQ7: "Do you go Party?"

A: I don't party... I rather watch movies and nap.

FAQ8: "What was that again, The Big Bang.. what?"

A: The Big Bang Theory, and never mind, I can't keep on having this conversation with you.

Well, apparently I'm ain't that social according to the standards of 'How to blend in down here' because I'm not in a relationship or interested to become part of a superficial group of hypocrites who are only interested on getting something out of you, is it worth it?, nah.

I do feel enthusiastic about life, I can't wait to look back and say "hey you remember how anti-social I were in those days when I was finishing my degree?" and my REAL friends will be there to say, "yeah, good thing we steered that way 'cause now were here ".

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I rudely stared at a boy today because of Pac-Man

It was a short moment but sort of embarrassing for me to stare at a boy right in front of my house when he was walking down the sidewalk... No words would come out of my mouth as he was getting closer to my car (that was standing on his way). As I was getting ready to get my car inside my garage, my mind was blank, and then he began to walk faster avoiding the car and giving me the look "you're cute but also a weirdo for staring at me for no apparently reason."

Everything happened in less than a minute or so, but for me is still one of those 'slow motion' kinda moment when you loose yourself in a daydream. I have no idea if he was a nerd, or a geek, don't actually remember his face but man, I was astonished to see a guy wearing that awesome t-shirt.

Asking myself, if I had the chance to go back in time I would definitely open my mouth and say "Hey dude, Cool Pac-Man shirt, I'm wearing mine underneath this sweater " followed by "Where did you get yours?"


That's me in my Pac-Man shirt :D (Proof that I'm the proud owner of a Pac-Man tee)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm okay and focused

I was gone for 2 years, and during that time never crossed my mind that I was gonna be back, never imagined that I was actually coming back (took me a while to realize it), and even though I've been here for 5 months so far, I'm still settling.

In my efforts to blend in, I acknowledge the fact that I'm not the same person, but because I'm a better person now, the question is, what if my 'old' friends from the 'old' times never did change? would I still be able to blend in with my own 'old gang'? Apparently not. Does it bothers me? well, to be honest, not anymore.

I found yesterday a picture of my old friends on Facebook, it was actually a group picture (yes, the whole gang), they were all together celebrating the graduation of one of them, and it was sad that I was not invited... But maybe what hurts more is the title of the picture: "With my best friends, I love you very much"...

Last night I had 'pupusas' for dinner, and actually they were from the place that I used to frequent a couple years ago, -a favorite!- but somehow, they didn't taste quite right, it was not the same cheese, idk, and they were absolutely different from the way I remembered them.

OKAY, what does my old friends have to do with pupusas? Well, Now that I think about it, maybe things do change over time, they will never remain the same, and 2 years is a lot of time.

Life goes on, the world keeps on spinning, and if my friends are not my friends anymore for a stupid reason, I will let them go. I'm not begging love anymore, that could be my slogan ha!, I've said that to boys before, oh well, I can tell that to my 'friends' too.

Life is beautiful, and friends make it brighter, yeah, the real ones.

:) Happy? YES, and very much. Thank you.


I will always trust God's ways, so thank you Lord for showing me the path, the right people and for keeping myself focused on what's really important.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was an amazing film, and his words take me to the times when I was a kid and there was nothing to worry about. Now that I've grown as an adult, things get complicated, like, love relationships for example, never thought that having a heartbreaking was so devastating, or looking for a job because your parents don't like your presence at home anymore could be so sad.

Let's face it, I'm getting old, well I'm still 23 for a few more months, but the issue I'm dealing with, is that is time for me to leave the nest, some time, somehow, I told my parents I wanted to be more independent and they translated that to "all right, you should leave then", oh crap... I'm a full-time student, I have no job, I do not own a car yet, and I really wished I have my degree to get out of here as soon as possible.

Peter Pan! oh, that's another great character, he is the boy that never gets old, and he remains as a boy forever, so cool isn't? and now that I think and wish more and more about it, this thoughts are not helping at all to the situation I'm facing... Let's just live one day at a time, even though I confirm every morning, that I should kick myself out of here as hard as I can, and never come back.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leaf of fall (:

Baltimore, one day we'll meet again, and you'll show me your leaves of fall.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

T.V. Commercial Star

I woke up this morning missing Baltimore, wishing I were there for a few minutes, to hug everyone I've been longing to see... Closing my eyes, I see many different faces from the people I met in that awesome period, they are smiling and doing just fine, a few doing more than fine.

What I really miss is the warmth of the people's hearts. God led me to Baltimore for a reason, and my mission was accomplished. But now, that I'm back in El Salvador, it is hard for me to recreate what I used to do, and have. I guess that something I'm craving for is a HUG. I don't let people to hug me that much anymore (at least down here the feeling has increased), I don't trust almost anyone, and somehow, my heart is feeling it.

I truly hope I get the job for t.v. commercials, hahaha I totally feel like Penny from TBBT wishing to get a roll as a movie star, and having a backup plan as a t.v. star, lawl!! just that my backup plan is to get a job at a call center in customer service for an airline.

Can't wait to travel again! love you tons my Baltimore friends!

Funny Picture btw, just don't get cocky Nora xD

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Monday, almost Tuesday

Hmm I think today was pretty busy, but because I didn't write down a To Do List, I ended up 'cleaning out my bedroom' like people would say. In other words, I prioritized tasks for December instead of working on the current school projects... But hey, it was a productive day...

Here we go...

So, I went to school this morning, and... nothing really important happened, my teacher was kinda flirting with me, (as usual). Schoolmates inviting me to parties, (as usual). I was living my life as usual, until I went shopping with mom to get some vases and flowers for the kitchen, apparently I'm the new decorator at home, which is F-U-N!

Anyways, we were talking, walking and of course shopping at this crafty store... I got so excited that I ended up getting velvet and some beads for the small stockings I'm planning to give this Christmas (I wasn't really planning on doing that but it just happened), YAY :D I'm very excited, oh Nora you're so crafty!

For me, going to an arts & crafts store is an experience out of this world, it is indescribable.

Oh wow, is raining again, it's definitely time to go to bed. I should be rested up for tomorrow since it will be an awesome day, because I'm finally taking the courage to go to a Casting for t.v. commercials, I'm so pumped up :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Norix Di conoce a The King Flyp

Sí, damas y caballeros, yo, Norix Di he conocido personalmente a The King Flyp en la Universidad Francisco Gavidia.

Cabe mencionar que mi historia es corta, pero la experiencia que viví fue impresionante.


Era un viernes por la tarde cuando me decidí arreglarme un poco más de lo común, y llevar mi cámara fotográfica con la intención de encontrar ese golpe de suerte y conocer a la sensación salvadoreña proveniente de Morazán, llamado Marvin, pero más conocido como The King Flyp.

Conociendo de antemano que él llegaría la UFG, esperaba tener un encuentro casual y talves platicar un poco con éste joven a quien le ha cambiado la vida debido a su inesperado salto a la fama desde Julio pasado.

La fama suele cambiar a las personas, pero después de lo que me ocurrió, dejaré ese estereotipo.

Llegando al Auditorium donde se llevaba a cabo el evento, noté lo lleno de gente que estaba. Sin embargo una amiga me esperaba adentro, y entre la multitud, ella levantó su mano, y fui hacia donde se encontraba.

Ella sentada a la orilla y yo en una grada a la par de ella, cuestión que por comodidad, una edecán decidió cambiarnos de lugar, un poco más al frente.

Caminando hacia abajo, cuando los DJs a cargo del taller, en la mesa de honor al frente, dijeron "¡Aquí viene nuestra voluntaria!" -Yo con cara de "ah? es conmigo? cómo?" y bueno, sin poner resistencia ni nada pasé al frente, a formar parte de una dinámica en la que pretendí estar en una cabina de Radio, recibiendo llamadas telefónicas, contestando preguntas, y.... Ahí, al frente, sentado en primera fila, ahí estaba The King Flyp, la razón por la cual me había escapado de clase y por quien yo había llegado tan lejos, sólo para tomarme una foto con él... Pero, yo en la tarmina, él en primera fila, y sin manera de poderle hablar, creo que por un momento me decepcioné...

Terminó la dinámica y me bajé del podium, cuando de pronto, una muchacha se me acerca, y con un gafete oficial de la UFG y un acento un poco extraño me dijo "¿Cuál es tu nombre? Necesitamos que para el Record de los participantes en el taller te tomes una foto para la Prensa... por aquí por favor..."

Para mi sorpresa, me tomaron la foto (Para la prensa) justo a unos escazos metros de King Flyp. Y mi amiga que me venía con mi cámara lista para captar todo lo relevante hasta ese momento, se coloca a la par de la fotógrafa de la prensa, quien a su vez escuchó cuando yo pronuncié las palabras "hey! yo quiero una foto con King Flyp también", a lo que ella respondió "En estos momentos no es posible puesto que él no está autorizado blablabla......" y creo que ni terminó de decirme todas las razones habidas y por haber de por qué él no podía tomarse una foto conmigo, cuando..... The King Flyp, se levanta de su asiento, (mientras la fotógrafa seguía hablando), él, se pone sus lentes oscuros, y pasando a la par de la fotógrafa avanza hacia mi dirección, se ubica a mi lado derecho, sonríe, y FLASH! mi amiga me toma la foto que queda como recuerdo de lo increíble que pasó, y prueba para todos aquellos que creen que la fama cambia a las personas.

Yo categorizo a The King Flyp con una palabra: Genuino.

Agradecimientos Especiales

A Judith por tomarme la foto (¡lo máximo!), gracias a mis compañeros de clase que me apoyaron al momento de levantar la mano y preguntar en clase al Lic. si me daba permiso de ir a tomarme una foto con King Flyp. Y claro, Gracias a The King Flyp por haber superado mis expectativas y tomarte la molestía de salir en una foto conmigo.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Single for 6 months, so far so good

Okay, let's say I've been single for 6 months, according to my plans this is working just perfect, but apparently to the eyes of many who have known me way back when I was 16, they find it hard to believe...

I don't have anybody in mind either, I'm just trying to focus on what's important now, studies, church, my relationship with God and family of course!

I've never been so close to my dad like the way I am now, and not only proud, I am loving it and enjoying it so much.

I can't see why I always get judged by my 'friendships', just because I don't get along with girls doesn't mean that I'm after my boyfriends to jump into a relationship. I'm sorry but that ain't gonna happen.

It discourages me the fact that the old me is still around in many people's mind, but I'm not the same girl from back then, I'm not even the same girl from the old posts, because I'm not in love, I know that I should not let myself to fall in love with anybody at the moment, it's good to have friends, it's nice to believe that my prince is out there, somewhere, but is not the time to get stock in those thoughts, I have way better things to do, and yeah, Pin 1531, I know you're reading this, so, stop teasing me with Julio, I had enough from people at church doing it, and anyway, you have no right to talk about my personal/Love life, because anyhow, there's nothing to talk about.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 2: Saved by the Bread & Ham

I acknowledged it was Day 2 without mom when I woke up this morning because the trash truck was out with that loud ringing bell capable to work basically as an alarm clock, but for me it was the sign to realize that nobody took the trash out, however, I did what I have to do, since my brother didn't even wake up to repair it was trash day... I ran in my Pjs with one trash bag on each hand, but when I finally got to the front door, the trash truck was gone.

It was raining, and somehow I decided to open the door though, take the trash out, and just watch the rain with no traffic. I stayed there less than 5 min with my very fashion purple with green stars umbrella, when the unthinkable happened: The trash truck CAME BACK, oh wow, this was my lucky day, the guys took my trash bags and I smiled; in fact the guys smiled too...oh Crap, I realized that I was wearing my Pjs on the street, kinda embarrassing.

Anyways, I found out that since I haven't been cooking for my middle brother anymore, since our last discussion about the quality of our house' s homemade food, he has been having Ham sandwiches! way to go ah? just wondering if he is ever gonna make his famous 'eggs' and use his special ingredients, like.... "Salt".

To do list:
Dishes - checked
Laundry - checked
My lunch (shrimp with garlic) - Checked
brush my teeth - of course, checked!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 1: I'm not my brother's Au Pair

Today is the first day without mom, she went on a vacation to the US to visit her mom, sisters, niece and nephews, Cool, she'll have lots of fun...

Now, I thought about Jeff again, and the only thing crossing my mind is my best friend's advice, it was short, direct and in 3 words resumed the advise I will follow from now on...

It's hard to start complaining at this point, is just the first day, but I'm definitely my brother's Au Pair, I'm not even getting payed for this, and after today's lunch, I'm ready to quit... He has been so spoiled his whole life that if you ask him "what" can YOU cook, he'll answer: eggs.

It makes me angry to have the responsibility of serving a 25 year old guy who feels so comfortable knowing that is somebody else's job to make his food, do his laundry, clean his room, make sure he even has Shampoo, oh PLEASE!

There seems to be no limit to his stupid comments. And what pissed me off really bad was the fact that he said that he hates homemade food, he practically eats it because it's free, but is not up to his Standards, I was like WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?, yeah he said that literally "Homemade food is not high quality, not up to my Standards", excuse ME, seriously? that guy knows exactly how to get under my skin.

So, here's my brother talking about the quality of our house's homemade food, like if he could cook better, and truth be told, he doesn't even know how to start the oven. I'm sick of this, he is so unconsidered, lazy, stubborn and arrogant.

Oh, and my best friend's advice is: Fa qu Jeff. And now that I think (not so hard) it applies to my brother as well.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I guess you're hidden somewhere in my head

I was talking with my mom, and she asked me if I knew anything about you, so I guess that's how everything started...

Finally I found out that we are not over, I never wanted to end what we had... anyways, that's not the point right now, but our memories together are still alive in my heart, it takes just so little to go back there when we were staring at each other at that Italian restaurant, falling in love and talking about getting married...

I'm sorry, I won't keep this up, let's talk about it in 3 years like we promised/said and see how much we've grown by then.

You still distract me...

Now that I'm piled up with homework, I can't help thinking of you, just wondering if you'll ever gonna say a word to me... I hope you're fine, I hope you're more than ok, and maybe, just maybe, thinking of me too.

I can see the seasons go by in every picture of yours, I see your eyes, and I still see my sweet boy, the one I fell in love with a long time ago. Are you waiting for me? you know I'll call you in 3 years from now.

I won't cry no more for you, there's no reason for it. If we're meant to be, time will tell, God will bound us somehow in the right time.

You remember my words? "No matter what, I'll be here for you, you'll always be my Jeff"

And just maybe, this will be our song someday...

P.S. I'm feeling cheesy today, I even used your favorite color for the border of the video, you can laugh about it, I still can't believe it's orange.

Gotta get back to work, I STILL have homework (oO')

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Web Site

Not doing much, I'm just jumping into my next big project...

First step: Creating a New concept, fun and fresh... A New Web Page for all the crazy stuff that I love doing.

Just wait and see ;)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Receipt request

Me : "Good evening, could you please help me up? I just got delivered my order and my name on the receipt is all wrong, could you please check my register and correct it?"

Lady : "Hold on"... (45 sec)

Lady : Is your name, Nora Mirian Diaz de Escobar? Nora Mirian Escobar de Diaz?

Me : NO

Lady : Oh wait, let me doble check, is it Nora - Mirian - Escobar - Diaz?

Me : NO

Nora Mirian de Escobar?

Me : (o_O)

I thought she was kidding, but seriously?

How many times can you get a name all wrong on the same phone call when you are requesting a receipt with the right name on it?

This just happened to me 10 minutes ago and those where the responses I got over the phone from a lady at the pharmacy when I was repeating my name over and over, just to discover so many different ways that someone is capable to mix up and screw up my name.

By the way my name is Nora Miriam Díaz Escobar

New Ringtone

So, I got a new ringtone for my phone, maybe this time I'll pay more attention to it. It's funny the way this works, now, I can't wait for somebody to call me: The expectation.

Although, the reason I don't even bother to fish for my phone in my purse/book bag/Tote, is because nobody really calls me (aw poor thing, meh! I don't really care). My mom and dad always know where am I, what am I doing and who am I with, so I guess that's the important thing.

Anyways, why bothering then to motivate myself to check my phone more often? ...Well, in the past few weeks, because I didn't, I couldn't help a friend at church when she needed me to sing with her, I found myself carrying around my laptop to show a video to somebody who texted me an hour before the meeting that she wasn't really coming, and in both situations, of course, I found out until: A DAY AFTER.

I learned my lesson, and here it is:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

WTMI ? (Way Too Much Information)

I don't think I could be afraid or ashamed to show the real me in public anymore, I'm proud of who I am now, who I've become since my last trip... Wanna know more about Norix Di (ME)?

We can list a few things:

I'm not scared of heights, although I don't like flying, being on an aircraft is just necessary, not a pleasure for me.

I'm not claustrophobic, although I don't like elevators, you'll see me walking up the stairs all the time... it's healthier though! "I'm young and healthy": that's the excuse.

I moonwalk every time, everywhere, in front of anyone and then just laugh with no shame!

I rather have long hair, although, I donated my long and beautiful hair for a cause, and always get sick of people reminding me how different I look when they say "what did you do to your hair?!" UGH, c'mon people!

I have my falls, and one of them is that I check Facebook more than my own phone, I always have tons of old messages, missed calls, Sorry!

I am RUDE! I'm allergic to many different kinds of food, so don't get surprised if I smile and say: "Hey, can I smell what you're eating?" (still, with no shame!)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm On Fire!

I was checking myself out in the mirror, next to it there was the door of my closet open and all I saw in my wardrobe are things that I sort of "liked" the most from when I used to go shop around at the different malls I've gone to... But I'd like to wear something that I LOVE, you know what I mean?

I found myself shopping around online this afternoon, I couldn't find that 'something' that makes me say, -gotta have it!- I went to kohl's .com, Hot Topic .com, I was even looking for shirts at ThinkGeek .com, I was desperate, can't find anything exciting or fun to wear. SO, maybe I should do something about it, like start making my own clothes or something, wear 'another' kind of shirts, an original creation, something that I'd be proud to wear, and also friendly to see in other girls... Fashion but casual... inspired on girls that want to feel, look comfortable and sexy ^_^

The more I think about it, the more excited I get.

To wear whatever I want... Gotta work it!

I'm thankful somehow that I'm sick... Well, it gives me a good excuse to push myself to eat really healthy, to workout hard, not only be but feel and look healthy, and wear whatever I want... I'm not a superficial person, but now that I have no boyfriend I'm focusing a lot on myself... Putting all my energy on what's important right now.

Moving on from a relationship is hard, but I think it helps to know that my ex-boyfriends' new girlfriends aren't that pretty or they are in fact chubby, why does that helps me? oh, come on! I'm size 1, makes me feel beautiful hahahaha! (ridiculous but it does) make me have a high self-esteem.. I actually don't even need to compare myself to them, plus there's no comparison, my skills on everything are way above the standards for a 'normal' girl.

On the other hand the only side effect is that now, I'm feeling like C3PO. It's so hard for me to move and flex (right now) because I'm weight training and doing cardio. Yesterday I added 3 more pounds on arms and shoulders, and did 60 pounds on my legs.

It's totally worth it.


Shy? oh no way!

I don't think there's anything I wouldn't dare to do, that leads me to my next project, my new video, I have tons of ideas that need to be put together... Or separate... Organize in general in more than 2 videos.

I want a blue wig, I want to dress up, and I want to do something fun, that's the hardest part I guess, I need to believe that wherever I go, it's not about the place, it's all about the creativity and how to show it. The only thing is to feel free to do it, I'm afraid I'll get kicked out of a parking lot, shopping mall, or supermarket... Where else can I go in El Salvador to make a fun video? I'm really open to any suggestion actually, somewhere I can go, and be myself... is that too much to ask?

Ok Nora, calm down! don't freak out, don't get frustrated, you'll get through this and somehow you'll find the way to feel comfortable with the fact that you need to put up with this situation right now, you don't like it down here, but is just temporary, so please, don't you just give up like that, think about it.

(Yeah, sometimes I talk to myself... sometimes through the mirror, and maybe I'm not the only one who does that)

I'm just a little angry because I don't feel free... I want to be myself, I want to show it.

Purple hair Anime Girl Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thinking of you tonight

Looking at my old phone, made me think of you. I wonder how are you doing, and if I ever cross your mind. You still cross mine, and I think I'll always miss what we had, looking at our pictures together, we seem to laugh with no reason, we didn't know each other well enough to be together forever, but overall I was willing to gave up everything for you... You just didn't give me the chance to show my real me. Now that I have found myself, I ask you, would you wait for me? would you think of me in 3, 4 or 5 years from now?

I still like the idea of dancing with you just one more time.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Antisocial (?)

So, I'm here typing is not the greatest night but something is keeping my mind busy and is how antisocial I have become.

I have no friends and no interest on having them. But, how about working in a group at school, does that mean something? ...All I know is that I'm supposed to finish a homework with another 3 girls, and ended up doing everything with one, team work sucks if others are not aware that teamwork means Working as a Team (>_<) ugh!

Antisocial? at this point, like Sheldon Cooper said: "Oh! who cares!"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

So, I'm at school

Today I got up and my dad was having a conversation with this friend that is staying at our place for 15 days confirmed... The voices started to rise up and I got in the shower, oh nice and cold shower to wake my senses up, I loved it.

Instead of calling this 'friend', my parents' 'friend' I'll make up name for him, just to feel comfortable while blogging it, let's see if I can come up with some sort of name...

(keep thinking)

Is interesting that I'm not good at this, oh! I know, let's say 'Fred'.

I think everybody have sometimes those days when you get up and the first thing in mind is 'I can't wait to get out of here', well, that's me today... But as I said on my last entry, I set off and I am currently at school, enjoying the quiet of the study room, nice illumination and very nice A/C. El Salvador is usually humid and warm, not here in the study room!! this is the greatest refuge I could have found.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When people stop being nice and start getting real- the Real World: MY HOUSE

It is amazing how can 1 person, YEAH not 2 or 3 but 1 person has the capability to create a chaos in my house. So, this is how I feel right now:

I was diagnosed with colitis on March 22nd of 2002, I remember that memorable day when I said for the first time -Mom, my pants don't fit me- and she thought that I was joking, well, I was very stressed, and my colon was showing it, my belly was as huge as a 3 month pregnant girl. Only that right now it could be a two month pregnancy, yup I'm stressed.

Today I'm not feeling quite happy, in fact I feel for my mom and my dad while they have to deal with an unwanted visit from their most special friend who actually has a heart bigger than Santa Claus', in a hypothetically case that he really existed, although even Santa Claus could get angry and give coal to spoiled children, anyways this is not the case... Well, maybe debatable.

It's day 2 and we can't stand this anymore, and the worse part, we just got news! this special friend instead of staying with us 7 days, he'll be 15. Hmm... fifteen minus two... oh crap.

Tomorrow I'll spend the whole day at school, I can't stand the fighting and the voices rising every 2 minutes. This is not the greatest time to be at home, study and focus, not only impossible, is annoying too.

bleach_ichitachi0516.jpg ganju and ichigo yelling at hanatarou  image animefanatic45

Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy. He's just a piece of work sometimes...
...most of the time...

Well, you know what I mean, I'm sure you all get the idea.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bride's Honor attendant

So, today was a regular day, but there was something that made it really special.

Talking with my Best Friend I threw out the question, since we've been really close and I don't think this job could be done better by anybody else...

I think I finally figured out that I won't actually have a Maid of Honor (whenever I get married) because I found out that my Best Guy friend will have that title of my maid of honor, or my honor attendant in this case.

Oh Nora, here we go again, you and your crazy ideas, but this one is for real! somehow, everything is taking place, it will take baby steps, but my dream will come true, me and my prince together forever, someday... Just have to wait a little more to meet him... again.

commissionvaicinebylovehj5.jpg anime Hug image by Yufferz-the-kid

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Friday

Today is Friday, hooray!

I was planning on going to the gym, but my mom requested me to stay at home because there will be a guy coming to fix some things around the house... And for safety reasons is better to be checking on what's he doing.

Well, but not everything is wasted, it's just 8:42am and I'm doing some productive things too.

While I'm writing this down, I'm doing my laundry, updating my blog (checked!) Haha, and doing some homework, and most important, looking for some cool tutorials about playing the violin in a better way, it really needs new strings, though I don't know how to levitate it properly just yet, and the guy in the last video just said "it took me 50 years to figure it out", man I'm hopeless x_X

Overall it should be a good day... Chin up!

Goto-P.jpg Goto-P image by Risiana

Not feeling hungry

Belly Journal:

Last Wednesday I had some tacos for lunch, I had some meat in them. Since that day I haven't been feeling hungry at all.

Last night I had a bellyache, and fell asleep with it.

This morning I was not hungry again, but still I had 2 "tamales de elote" and soy milk.

Gotta tell my homeopathic Doctor about it, because is not a joy to eat without hunger.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nice conversation..

So, I was having dinner with my parents and my middle brother, when my mom started telling us about her day, about other people's day, and don't ask me how, we ended up talking about when she was pregnant with me...

Everything sounded like a story that I've heard before, until she said, "I have no idea how did you survive to the double car crash you were in, when you were in my belly!"

I was like: WHAT?! (oO)

Good to know now, mom... It's good to know...

That explains a lot.


Facebook Status

Nobody commented on my yesterday's Facebook Status, there's a reason for it, it doesn't concern anybody but you and me:

"Norix Di like a superhero will come back to you until she's really needed. Tomorrow is not the right time yet... You might not need her or she might not come back for you because in the end you're just not meant to be. Let's move on to the next chapter of this story. [Listening to White Horse by Taylor Swift]"

You wanted to talk with me today, but like Thumper said: "if you have nothing good to say, don't say nothing at all".... I have nothing good to tell you, life has brought us apart for a reason, and the reason is, we're not meant to be, why push it?

You have other priorities now, sorry if I made you cry the other night but that's the truth, maybe I still have feelings for you, but guess what? I don't want to find out... I'll walk away, because anyway, you had your chance, let's keep it real, we won't be together ever again, we won't meet again, and even if I go back up there, the last thing I would do is to try to look for you, because you're not my prince, you had your 3 strikes, I shouldn't forget it, and because the 3 of them were with the girl you are right now with, oh yeah, your New Girlfriend, I'm happy that you're happy with her, I'm sad that one more time a guy (YOU) made me felt special and then made me feel like crap thinking about another girl.

I have so much potential, I am the Amazing Nora, I should be the one who should have cheated on you because you were not the one, but no, I'm always the one guys cheat on, the one who has been so devoted to every single boyfriend, you were the hope in my heart to stop crying before every single wedding dress I see...

I still have so many questions, why do guys have to be that way with me? Are they afraid of a girl who is currently a full time student and will graduate in 2 years move to Canada and finish her master degree in computer graphics and her main dream is having an apartment and a cat in San Diego? WHAT?? is success what you were scared of?

Listen, I'm not gonna discuss this with you anymore, you stay were you are, do what you want, be with the mediocre girls that you want, jealous? mad? NO WAY, I'm hurt, so let me let it out, because this is how I feel, and it's you who caused it.

Oh and you can blame Taylor swift because she gave me the idea about stop talking to you.

42.jpg Mikoto Ariga from Natsuiro Komachi image by Rei_sama

P.S. I found out that you were flirting with her the night before our last conversation, so there's your explanation, and that's why I brought it up.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today I went shopping... And from all the things that I had on my list, I got no one but none of them. I ended up buying your birthday present, which btw wasn't on my list. I still wonder, why in the world did I ever do that?

There are so many reasons why I shouldn't talk to you, well many valid reasons for me, and not that I'm mad, oh no, don't get me wrong, the primary reason is that I'm hurt.

I won't ever see you again, we we'll never meet again, I won't get to see your face when you open your birthday present... Makes me sad just the thought of you.

I want you to stay away from me, just like I asked you before, but this time, please do. Don't hurt me no more. Just back off, do it for me, I beg you.

Hair clip project

Today I woke up with any creative idea of how to pull back my hair or do something different with it. Nothing really seems to work well so far, I never thought that having short hair is so hard to arrange.

Right after my class was over, I went to this small booth that looked like somewhere where you will find for sure accessories for girl's hair, with my only desire of finding something that would help me with my current problem: holding my hair somehow.

I finally got something that seemed to be useful, it was a very long hair clip that "holds your hair" from the back.

I just came home and tried it on. It doesn't work. Apparently my hair is way too fine, the hair clip slides all the way down.

I'm getting kinda frustrated with my hair length at this point.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not right now... Because I'm not here

ugh! I don't want to talk with anybody.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bien bajada..

Tratando de olvidar lo que un día fuimos es lo único que me queda hoy.

Muy dentro de mi quizá sí quería verte, perderme en tu mirada y saber qué se sentía darte un beso en la mejía otra vez. Pero preferiste engañarme, y en buen salvadoreño "darme paja" diciéndome que me buscarías, y saber que eso, fue lo último que quizá cruzó por tu mente.

Ahora he decidido que no quiero saber nada de ti, pues eres un mentiroso, me ilusionaste y dejaste con el corazón esperándote. No más, ya no más de ti, de tus mentiras y de todo lo que un día hablamos y pensamos que sería nuestra felicidad. Es hora de seguir adelante, sin ti, y esperando a mi verdadero príncipe, anhelándolo con todo mi corazón, y lo amaré como a nadie en este mundo, me lo prometo a mí misma, y no será de este lugar, él será todo lo que he soñado y lo encontraré.

Me iré lejos, y no me encontrarás. Y desde hoy, mi corazón ya no es tuyo.

Pin: 1531


Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Things I Learned About Myself Living In The US (almost 2 years)

1. I learned to do my own laundry and clean after myself. Including cleaning bathrooms.

2. I learned that if I have no idea how to do it, go to youtube, google it... There´s no other way!

3. Working with children is a huge responsibility, I became good at it, but now I don´t want to have kids of my own.

4. Pushing myself hard to speak English in order to improve it and not to be afraid to ask "what does that mean?" or "how do you pronounce that again?" helps to not to make a fool of myself, although it happens and is funny, because is not the same "being abducted by aliens" than "being adopted by aliens" (This actually happened at the Schillingers).

5. I learned that no matter where you are, God will always go with you, and He will send angels your way to make sure you are just fine, I call them: my friends, my second family. [Exodus 23:20]*

6. I learned to not to give my heart so easily, I learned it the hard way, because now I´m heartbroken but not depressed anymore, I will guard my heart better the next time and God will give me strength to wait until I find "Mr. Right One". [2 Samuel 22:33-34, 2 Chronicles 16:9]*

7. Blizzards are not good at all.

8. I fell in love with The Arch. One more reason why I would love to live in St. Louis.

9. There is nothing like having friends from many different countries and cultures, is amazing how much you can learn from them :)

10. Smileys is a different way to flirt! omg not kidding, ;) yeah, a simple wink is very powerful these days.

11. Wherever I go, I´ll always find the right church, God will make the way.

12. I´m boyish, I grew up with 2 brothers (I normally get along better with boys as well), but I learned that having girlfriends is an awesome thing, and there´s nothing wrong to be girly sometimes, for example: do my nails while I watch Star Trek: First Contact.

13. There´s nothing like having Chinese food once a week, or twice a week... Mmm Chinese...

14. You can never have too many sushi rolls! I´m Nora, the sushi monster! <(>_<)>

15. I´m not short, I´m FUNSIZE!

16. There is nothing wrong on being silly, goofy, etc as long as you´re true to yourself, and believe that you are unique and that´s how it should be. I´m not SHY anymore!

17. Having a video camera and a MacBook is a lot of fun!

18. I love the Postal Mail in the US is so nice.

19. Time flies before your eyes, if you want to do something, right now is the right time. I learned to enjoy the life God has given me.

20. I found the Amazing Nora inside of me, but you know why the amazing? because I have an amazing God. He believes in me. I came here for a reason, and I´m sure all I´ve learned will be useful for his purpose of my life. [Proverbs 3:5-6]*

I came to the US to live, work and improve my English, but I praise my Lord, for I got much more than that. I found Love, Friendship, Family, and so many blessings that I couldn´t have ever imagined.

Thanks to all of you for being a blessing to my life, to love me and put up with my weirdness hehe :P Sorry Jamey, I still don´t like Avatar.

I love you and keep you all in my prayers, with all my heart, let the good times roll! :´)


*Bible Verses:
"See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared."- Exodus 23:20

"It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights" - 2 Samuel 22:33-34

"For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. You have done a foolish thing, and from now on you will be at war." - 2 Chronicles 16:9

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." - Proverbs 3:5-6

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I didn´t remember

You were buried in my deepest memories, I thought that us was over, and I was over with you long ago...

I can´t believe that I´m crying again, for you, yeah one more time, crying like a child without her lollipop.

I miss you, I love you and I shouldn´t.

I´m happy for you though... as long as you´re happy, I should be too. Right?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother´s Day´s Lesson

One more time, I messed up and I realized that everyday I learn something new, unfortunately this time I had to rediscover something that I had lost, and came back to teach me a huge lesson.

I am spending one whole month with my grandma and at my aunt´s house. I´m home the entire week, but on weekends I´m hanging out with my cousins, so I´m just not around.

My purpose of staying here is to spend more time with my grandma, because she is sick, she has Alzheimer and as everybody knows she forgets most of the things, she loses things, and somehow she is becoming grumpy and she dislikes and complains about everything, for example the weather, is either too hot or too cold, it can never be good enough.

So, having all that in mind I thought (and made the mistake of thinking): is just not worthy to get anything to anybody, since is too complicated to please all of the moms that I´ll see in the family reunion. (I was so wrong!)

I tried to excused myself saying that we are all materialist, and we are only happy when we get material things. And that the worst part of giving is to know that what you gave wasn´t appreciated.

Based on all that I decided... to not to get anything to anybody.

Right now I´m so sorry that I have been so selfish, because it doesn´t matter what you give, you shouldn´t expect anything back. Although YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO GIVE SOMETHING, no matter what.

I made a handmade card for my aunt, but my cousin bought one. I poured my heart out in the words inside the card, but the card she kept in her heart is the beautiful words that came for the right card that my cousin picked at the store.


During the family reunion, I had some beans and made me sick. (it´s hard to explain but to be very honest they get me diarrhea) So, I had way too much re-fried beans and got sick, and while I was walking to the restroom, my grandma was in the middle of the hallway trying to take off her sweater and suddenly I felt how by mistake she punched me in my stomach so hard that I couldn´t eat anything for several hours after that.

On the way back home I had a conversation with my aunt, and she asked me why I didn´t get her anything besides the card I made her, and when I explained myself, she let me know how wrong I was about thinking in that way and also how selfish person I´ve become.

Tonight I feel awful, she was right, if you love somebody you should buy something for that person, not because the materialism, but because that way people feel appreciated and in someway it just bright their days, specially on Mother´s day.

I messed up today, I payed physically and with tears. Not happening again.

Yeah, I screwed up, I still feel bad though.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On the way to Locks of Love

Donating my hair has become a big thing, because I´ve never done that before or better, I don´t even remember having my hair this short before.

I´m proud of myself, even if boys don´t like it, I do... And that´s what really matters.

Why do I say that? well, many boys had told me that they preferred me with long hair, well, for me works even BETTER because I don´t want a boyfriend anyways, I´m sick of them.


Go Nora! single and compassionate for others, be fresh, be true, be wild, be YOU!

Free Hugs at the Inner Harbor Downtown Baltimore

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Goodbye Long Hair

It is almost time, and I already feel like everything will be so different, my personality even, how can a haircut affect me so much?

Well, this time I think it will be for a good cause, donating my hair to someone who really needs it and I´m sure will love it the way I do.

How many? 11 inches? yeah, you got it right... Now i just wonder...

Will my mom recognize me? I mean the real me inside this skinny 96 pound, short and smiley girl with really short hair? (yeah I lost some weight again, I´ve been sick, -rolling my eyes- yeah, again)

Will my dad recognize me? how about my friends? Will they see my true self?

If anybody asks, I did it just because.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No me tenes contenta

Me siento inquieta, incómoda, por el hecho de que TE VALE. Hasta yo me he disculpado contigo, y de ti ni tus luces por un año, ni nada...

Cómo puedes pensar que no te perdonaría, el problema es que ni lo sentís, ni te das cuenta que es lo peor.

Estos días atrapada por la nieve me desesperan, me ponen a pensar de más, no poder salir ni ver la luz del sol me deprime, hasta cierto punto como que me enoja, quizá sea frustración.

Pero me digo a mí misma que tenga paciencia, pues ya pronto regresaré a mis tierras donde la nieve no existe, donde el sol ilumina mi ventana casi todos los días... y es que regresar me emociona, aunque sea momentáneo, después iré adonde mi corazón me diga.

Cuando pienso en todas las personas que veré, me alegro, pero cuando pienso en ti, recuerdo que no me tenes contenta.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some time alone

I woke up this morning thinking about those eyes, and that smile that I´ll miss the rest of my life.

It´s so easy to say Hello, and so hard to say goodbye, specially when is for good.

Lately I´ve been feeling that I should be alone because I really deserve it. However, I don´t want to. But I can´t give something that I don´t have: love.

I´m empty, and recovering, or at least that´s what I want to pretend, the truth is that I´m depressed, wearing at least something black to remind myself that the color of my heart has changed.

That sweet hug he gave me is one of the most beautiful moments I´ve ever had. I felt protected, loved once again.

No pictures, just memories together.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Airplanes in the sky

I´m going in the bus, looking at the window, and there you are, reminding me that I don´t belong here, that I should fly away, looking for that treasure that I haven´t found yet.. Where is it? where should I go next? where can I go to find it? what am I looking for?

I can´t smile and today I´m feeling like not to talk with anybody, I want to wear black, and lose myself in the crowd.

I´ll write a letter, and fold it into a paper plane, throw it in the air, and hopefully the wind will lead it to you... Goodbye now.