Monday, November 22, 2010


YES, Ladies and Gentlemen, no kidding, people have asked me not once or twice but several times during the past 4 weeks these questions:

FAQ1: "Where is your laptop??"

A: Hey, I don't have to carry it around when isn't needed, plus it weighs 5 pounds and for me it really is kinda heavy lol. (I've never being well known b/c of my strengh)

FAQ2: "When are you getting a boyfriend?"

A: WOOOT? why in the world do people think that I'm missing something on my side holding my hand? I'm okay, not planning on having or 'getting' one any time soon. Thanks for the concern. ¬¬

FAQ3: "Why is that you don't have a boyfriend?"

A: People, c'mon! I don't need a boyfriend anymore, I'm young and I'll wait 4 years to give it a shot one last time, just not now. Seriously.

FAQ4: "Hey you have potential... So, What the heck are doing in El Salvador?"

A: I still have no idea, no wait, I'm here because I need a degree, is the only way I'll be 'somebody' out there.

FAQ5: "When are you leaving?"

A: Well, according to the plan I'll get out of here in 2 years. According to God's plan, NO IDEA.

FAQ6: "Are you the girl in the hugs video?"

A: Yes I am.

FAQ7: "Do you go Party?"

A: I don't party... I rather watch movies and nap.

FAQ8: "What was that again, The Big Bang.. what?"

A: The Big Bang Theory, and never mind, I can't keep on having this conversation with you.

Well, apparently I'm ain't that social according to the standards of 'How to blend in down here' because I'm not in a relationship or interested to become part of a superficial group of hypocrites who are only interested on getting something out of you, is it worth it?, nah.

I do feel enthusiastic about life, I can't wait to look back and say "hey you remember how anti-social I were in those days when I was finishing my degree?" and my REAL friends will be there to say, "yeah, good thing we steered that way 'cause now were here ".

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