Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And... I threw up

This morning I was feeling just fine, it was supposed to be a great day, partly sunny, and warm. I was planning the activities I was going to do with the kids I take care of.

I was walking up the stairs, I got to the sink and started to wash some grapes for the 6 year old girl´s snack.

When I finished washing the grapes, I ran to my bathroom.

Everything was supposed to be great, until, I threw up.

I´m in bed.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hoy me siento contenta, no estoy tan cansada como suelo estarlo, pero a pesar de todo, aún siento que la almohada me llama desde lejos... Ya voy! ya casi casi termino! sólo quiero terminar de escribir algo en mi blog...

Pensando en cómo ha cambiado mi vida, mi estilo de vestir, mi forma de peinarme, mi forma de comer, incluso mi forma de hablar... Me siento más libre debo admitirlo, no tengo a nadie que me regañe, pero sí tengo personitas especiales que se preocupan por mi.

Me siento querida y apreciada, productiva y útil, genuina y aceptada, pequeña... como siempre.

No quiero dejar todo lo que he construido, y sé que será difícil también dejar todo lo que un día fue mi vida, pero mi futuro es así, y me emociona a la vez.

Cuando regrese a mi casa arreglaré un par de cosas y situaciones con varias personas.

Me pregunto, dónde dormiré, pues mi cuarto ahora es un estudio. De todas formas, eso no es importante, lo principal es arreglar y recoger fragmentos de mi vida que no quiero olvidar.

Hoy me veo a mi misma, con mi pelo corto, mi sudadera de colores, alegre, tranquila, todo medido, todo calculado, todo bien... por el momento.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

4 am Again...

One more time, awake at the same time, thinking about you... missing you and you´re so far from me.

I heard your voice, but I don´t want to cry about it, it´s just too much, forgive me if I don´t talk to you, I´m not ready.

Enjoy your weekend, I won´t be the reason for you to be upset... I had to stay, and unfortunate it had to be the weekend of our special day, I still can´t stand that.. why? :(

Anyway, we´ll talk on Tuesday, when everything will be back to normal.

Until then...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


A feeling I just don´t want to have right now
I know I´m not alone
but it feels like it

Anyway it will be my second weekend like this
should I still count them?
should I get use to it?

I need to be happy by myself and enjoy my own company
I´m not that boring, am I? [asking the air again]

I will let my phone die, anyway, you won´t call me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Worn out!!!

So, I went to this power cardio kick-boxing class... amazing! it was great, I was working out for real, like I´ve never before... made me think about my mom´s gym in El Salvador, I miss it.

It´s been so long since the last time I was there, all the good memories, and all the lessons that I learned from that experience that personally I decided to call -training for life- because it was very useful, now my perspective through life is different.

This past weekend I also found the answer that I was looking for long ago... where is home? what is home? I´m glad to know the answer now!

The answer was holding me.

It´s not late, but got to confess I´m exhausted... I´m heading to bed to rest after a long day.

And tomorrow I´ll feel home again, with you holding me tight.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Windy day

Today it´s been a short but a fun day for me, it was so relaxing, waking up and knowing that there was no responsibility to do.

I´m happy because of the good news this week. I´m smiling again, and my heart feels happy to know that everything between us is nice.

Things are getting there own way, and are turning to our favor. I´m glad to be holding your hand my God, that´s how you show me your faithfulness.

today, I´m happy... I had pizza, I had dessert, it was a windy day, great day for cooking with my friends too!

The happiness is fulfilling me, I can even kiss you with all my passion inside, like in a Tale, were I´m your princess, and you are my prince, enjoying the sunset, enjoying our love.

All this happened in a windy day (^^,)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


It always used to be like this...

N: I have a Question.


but today...

J: I don´t have answers for you.