Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some time alone

I woke up this morning thinking about those eyes, and that smile that I´ll miss the rest of my life.

It´s so easy to say Hello, and so hard to say goodbye, specially when is for good.

Lately I´ve been feeling that I should be alone because I really deserve it. However, I don´t want to. But I can´t give something that I don´t have: love.

I´m empty, and recovering, or at least that´s what I want to pretend, the truth is that I´m depressed, wearing at least something black to remind myself that the color of my heart has changed.

That sweet hug he gave me is one of the most beautiful moments I´ve ever had. I felt protected, loved once again.

No pictures, just memories together.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Airplanes in the sky

I´m going in the bus, looking at the window, and there you are, reminding me that I don´t belong here, that I should fly away, looking for that treasure that I haven´t found yet.. Where is it? where should I go next? where can I go to find it? what am I looking for?

I can´t smile and today I´m feeling like not to talk with anybody, I want to wear black, and lose myself in the crowd.

I´ll write a letter, and fold it into a paper plane, throw it in the air, and hopefully the wind will lead it to you... Goodbye now.