Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Friday

Today is Friday, hooray!

I was planning on going to the gym, but my mom requested me to stay at home because there will be a guy coming to fix some things around the house... And for safety reasons is better to be checking on what's he doing.

Well, but not everything is wasted, it's just 8:42am and I'm doing some productive things too.

While I'm writing this down, I'm doing my laundry, updating my blog (checked!) Haha, and doing some homework, and most important, looking for some cool tutorials about playing the violin in a better way, it really needs new strings, though I don't know how to levitate it properly just yet, and the guy in the last video just said "it took me 50 years to figure it out", man I'm hopeless x_X

Overall it should be a good day... Chin up!

Goto-P.jpg Goto-P image by Risiana

Not feeling hungry

Belly Journal:

Last Wednesday I had some tacos for lunch, I had some meat in them. Since that day I haven't been feeling hungry at all.

Last night I had a bellyache, and fell asleep with it.

This morning I was not hungry again, but still I had 2 "tamales de elote" and soy milk.

Gotta tell my homeopathic Doctor about it, because is not a joy to eat without hunger.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nice conversation..

So, I was having dinner with my parents and my middle brother, when my mom started telling us about her day, about other people's day, and don't ask me how, we ended up talking about when she was pregnant with me...

Everything sounded like a story that I've heard before, until she said, "I have no idea how did you survive to the double car crash you were in, when you were in my belly!"

I was like: WHAT?! (oO)

Good to know now, mom... It's good to know...

That explains a lot.


Facebook Status

Nobody commented on my yesterday's Facebook Status, there's a reason for it, it doesn't concern anybody but you and me:

"Norix Di like a superhero will come back to you until she's really needed. Tomorrow is not the right time yet... You might not need her or she might not come back for you because in the end you're just not meant to be. Let's move on to the next chapter of this story. [Listening to White Horse by Taylor Swift]"

You wanted to talk with me today, but like Thumper said: "if you have nothing good to say, don't say nothing at all".... I have nothing good to tell you, life has brought us apart for a reason, and the reason is, we're not meant to be, why push it?

You have other priorities now, sorry if I made you cry the other night but that's the truth, maybe I still have feelings for you, but guess what? I don't want to find out... I'll walk away, because anyway, you had your chance, let's keep it real, we won't be together ever again, we won't meet again, and even if I go back up there, the last thing I would do is to try to look for you, because you're not my prince, you had your 3 strikes, I shouldn't forget it, and because the 3 of them were with the girl you are right now with, oh yeah, your New Girlfriend, I'm happy that you're happy with her, I'm sad that one more time a guy (YOU) made me felt special and then made me feel like crap thinking about another girl.

I have so much potential, I am the Amazing Nora, I should be the one who should have cheated on you because you were not the one, but no, I'm always the one guys cheat on, the one who has been so devoted to every single boyfriend, you were the hope in my heart to stop crying before every single wedding dress I see...

I still have so many questions, why do guys have to be that way with me? Are they afraid of a girl who is currently a full time student and will graduate in 2 years move to Canada and finish her master degree in computer graphics and her main dream is having an apartment and a cat in San Diego? WHAT?? is success what you were scared of?

Listen, I'm not gonna discuss this with you anymore, you stay were you are, do what you want, be with the mediocre girls that you want, jealous? mad? NO WAY, I'm hurt, so let me let it out, because this is how I feel, and it's you who caused it.

Oh and you can blame Taylor swift because she gave me the idea about stop talking to you.

42.jpg Mikoto Ariga from Natsuiro Komachi image by Rei_sama

P.S. I found out that you were flirting with her the night before our last conversation, so there's your explanation, and that's why I brought it up.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today I went shopping... And from all the things that I had on my list, I got no one but none of them. I ended up buying your birthday present, which btw wasn't on my list. I still wonder, why in the world did I ever do that?

There are so many reasons why I shouldn't talk to you, well many valid reasons for me, and not that I'm mad, oh no, don't get me wrong, the primary reason is that I'm hurt.

I won't ever see you again, we we'll never meet again, I won't get to see your face when you open your birthday present... Makes me sad just the thought of you.

I want you to stay away from me, just like I asked you before, but this time, please do. Don't hurt me no more. Just back off, do it for me, I beg you.

Hair clip project

Today I woke up with any creative idea of how to pull back my hair or do something different with it. Nothing really seems to work well so far, I never thought that having short hair is so hard to arrange.

Right after my class was over, I went to this small booth that looked like somewhere where you will find for sure accessories for girl's hair, with my only desire of finding something that would help me with my current problem: holding my hair somehow.

I finally got something that seemed to be useful, it was a very long hair clip that "holds your hair" from the back.

I just came home and tried it on. It doesn't work. Apparently my hair is way too fine, the hair clip slides all the way down.

I'm getting kinda frustrated with my hair length at this point.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not right now... Because I'm not here

ugh! I don't want to talk with anybody.