Thursday, November 25, 2010



So, today is Thanksgiving Day, and what is usually done in a day like today is sharing with family great memories, but most of all, say a prayer to thank God for the good we all have in our lives.

I think it would be more exciting if I were actually celebrating this holiday in El Salvador, but anyways...

I'd like to thank for a wonderful-not perfect but great family that God has chosen for me to be part of, because He has touched my heart in every way with every single relative. It is truly amazing how God let me have the chance to spend a little time with most of my extended family and also to meet awesome friends in the last couple of years.

I am thankful for every friend I met in the US, and for the very few I have in El Salvador, they are a blessing and make my life better, everyday.

I am thankful in every way about INTERNET, nowadays is primordial to keep in touch with people, so I love Skype, E-mail, Facebook and now, Twitter... And also because of Technology in general I think as well: My Amazing MacBook and gadgets HOORAY...

But not only material things bring me happiness, well, actually they do, wait what?!

YEAH, Happiness comes from material things, what it doesn't is JOY, and joy can only come from God, what's the difference? well, I've learned that Happiness is a temporarily feeling, and Joy is the never lasting state of inner felicity that God gives you when the Holy Spirit comes into your heart. Kinda complicated but still the coolest thing.

In other words, I am mostly thankful for having Jesus in my life, and having the honor of serving Him with my gifts.

...And that's what I'm thankful for, YAY, happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 22, 2010


YES, Ladies and Gentlemen, no kidding, people have asked me not once or twice but several times during the past 4 weeks these questions:

FAQ1: "Where is your laptop??"

A: Hey, I don't have to carry it around when isn't needed, plus it weighs 5 pounds and for me it really is kinda heavy lol. (I've never being well known b/c of my strengh)

FAQ2: "When are you getting a boyfriend?"

A: WOOOT? why in the world do people think that I'm missing something on my side holding my hand? I'm okay, not planning on having or 'getting' one any time soon. Thanks for the concern. ¬¬

FAQ3: "Why is that you don't have a boyfriend?"

A: People, c'mon! I don't need a boyfriend anymore, I'm young and I'll wait 4 years to give it a shot one last time, just not now. Seriously.

FAQ4: "Hey you have potential... So, What the heck are doing in El Salvador?"

A: I still have no idea, no wait, I'm here because I need a degree, is the only way I'll be 'somebody' out there.

FAQ5: "When are you leaving?"

A: Well, according to the plan I'll get out of here in 2 years. According to God's plan, NO IDEA.

FAQ6: "Are you the girl in the hugs video?"

A: Yes I am.

FAQ7: "Do you go Party?"

A: I don't party... I rather watch movies and nap.

FAQ8: "What was that again, The Big Bang.. what?"

A: The Big Bang Theory, and never mind, I can't keep on having this conversation with you.

Well, apparently I'm ain't that social according to the standards of 'How to blend in down here' because I'm not in a relationship or interested to become part of a superficial group of hypocrites who are only interested on getting something out of you, is it worth it?, nah.

I do feel enthusiastic about life, I can't wait to look back and say "hey you remember how anti-social I were in those days when I was finishing my degree?" and my REAL friends will be there to say, "yeah, good thing we steered that way 'cause now were here ".

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I rudely stared at a boy today because of Pac-Man

It was a short moment but sort of embarrassing for me to stare at a boy right in front of my house when he was walking down the sidewalk... No words would come out of my mouth as he was getting closer to my car (that was standing on his way). As I was getting ready to get my car inside my garage, my mind was blank, and then he began to walk faster avoiding the car and giving me the look "you're cute but also a weirdo for staring at me for no apparently reason."

Everything happened in less than a minute or so, but for me is still one of those 'slow motion' kinda moment when you loose yourself in a daydream. I have no idea if he was a nerd, or a geek, don't actually remember his face but man, I was astonished to see a guy wearing that awesome t-shirt.

Asking myself, if I had the chance to go back in time I would definitely open my mouth and say "Hey dude, Cool Pac-Man shirt, I'm wearing mine underneath this sweater " followed by "Where did you get yours?"


That's me in my Pac-Man shirt :D (Proof that I'm the proud owner of a Pac-Man tee)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm okay and focused

I was gone for 2 years, and during that time never crossed my mind that I was gonna be back, never imagined that I was actually coming back (took me a while to realize it), and even though I've been here for 5 months so far, I'm still settling.

In my efforts to blend in, I acknowledge the fact that I'm not the same person, but because I'm a better person now, the question is, what if my 'old' friends from the 'old' times never did change? would I still be able to blend in with my own 'old gang'? Apparently not. Does it bothers me? well, to be honest, not anymore.

I found yesterday a picture of my old friends on Facebook, it was actually a group picture (yes, the whole gang), they were all together celebrating the graduation of one of them, and it was sad that I was not invited... But maybe what hurts more is the title of the picture: "With my best friends, I love you very much"...

Last night I had 'pupusas' for dinner, and actually they were from the place that I used to frequent a couple years ago, -a favorite!- but somehow, they didn't taste quite right, it was not the same cheese, idk, and they were absolutely different from the way I remembered them.

OKAY, what does my old friends have to do with pupusas? Well, Now that I think about it, maybe things do change over time, they will never remain the same, and 2 years is a lot of time.

Life goes on, the world keeps on spinning, and if my friends are not my friends anymore for a stupid reason, I will let them go. I'm not begging love anymore, that could be my slogan ha!, I've said that to boys before, oh well, I can tell that to my 'friends' too.

Life is beautiful, and friends make it brighter, yeah, the real ones.

:) Happy? YES, and very much. Thank you.


I will always trust God's ways, so thank you Lord for showing me the path, the right people and for keeping myself focused on what's really important.