Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'll let the rain fall on you this time

I still believe in a world where everyone is happy... where you can be whatever you want to be...

I held your hand for a while, very tight but without knowing that I was actually the one leading you to a different direction. If I could turn back in time, I would make sure we would remain friends today, because I would refrain myself of saying those three words that changed our present and our future forever.

You can't forgive yourself for never seeing in me the real value of love, now you're telling everyone a made up story where you were a charming prince instead of the real grinch that made me cry every week as a result of your careless behavior... I was never that important to you, because my name was in what? third place in your priority list?

Why did I ever let you in? I blame myself, and all I want today is to let you go, let every single memory fade away...

Flashbacks come and go... broken promises, things I  liked doing...when I used to go visit you, when I used to get you lunch on my way to your place, or the times driving in the dark during rainy nights when I was very scared and wondered if I was gonna make it home safely... I gave everything to you, I would have done everything for you..

But you...

You just never really cared.

Hope you learned something about being selfless, it's not about money, it's about giving, embracing love.

So there, that's why I truly said goodbye.

To all my people and my real friends, here is an advice take into a count: If someone loves you, they'll prove it to you, don't you ever trust words that are not turned into actions.

I'm done, hopefully this time is out of my system...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

See ya 'round!

Today I'm just happy to see you happy.

Really. No kidding, I'm smiling because you love and you are loved.

I will keep on doing the same mistakes, and will eventually find what people call happiness but in my own simple way.

Make sure to keep packing your suitcase with smiles, love and the beatles that you listen to.

Do not ever worry about me, a free mind, a free soul, flying all alone, because it's the path I chose to take.