Sunday, December 25, 2011

You're my home

Well, we did make it through...

and yeah, that's why I love you.

Come back soon ;)


All I did today was stare at my iPod Touch and think about you all day.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


I never get any notification when I get a comment on any of my posts! now that is one of the things that makes me angry...

But today...

I'm sick, I'm home, it's Christmas eve and I'm all alone... poor me, yeah right :P

Even though I just got a cold (literally I caught it this afternoon) I'm not feeling like it's been the worse Christmas or anything like it... nah that's totally not me, I always get angry about silly stuff that can be resolved with a couple of clicks, but there are things that will never bring me down.

I just spoke with my boyfriend on FaceTime. He is doing well, he is currently at the Seattle's airport, and I must add that I miss him very much... I love him, and I would love to be with him right now, or maybe just falling asleep embraced into his arms.

Sometimes, we have to stop thinking about everything is going "wrong", I would say, everything is "different", because different is way better than perfect, if not life would be really boring.

I wish... I wish... I wish...

There are so many things that I'm wishing right now, that I'm sure that if I think about all those things really hard, I may be able to see all of them happening in my dreams. I'm taking a NyQuil and I'm already so-o "happy" LOL

Happy Christmas eve, wherever you are, whoever you are and may the Lord be in control of every situation you're going through, it's all good :) I know.