Tuesday, December 28, 2010


On 2010 I would have made the biggest mistake of my entire life, well, actually many. But for now happiness is fulfilling all aspects in my very personal decisions. I don't know for sure where am I going with this entry but it was really time to post something about the things that I didn't do that allowed me to grow and understand beyond what my eyes can see.

First of all, I'm glad God lead me to El Salvador to realize that it was time to finish my degree, I have one more year left of my career of Marketing and Publicity, and after this last semester I felt that it was the right thing to do.

On the other hand I've gone through many changes and stages during 2010, when I came back to El Salvador, I never thought that I was gonna catch up with the fact that life goes on, and my 'friends' from school weren't there for me anymore. So I was down to zero in my social life. I was even heartbroken still, but for now I'm done bring up that topic. Just for the record, I do not feel ready to be in a relationship still, and no more comments about it.

I learned a lot about finances and jerks during 2010 for sure. My prayer is that may God's justice will be made on them, because this people have no fear to God, oh well, let me tell you this, nobody wants to go over my heavenly father, but is too late for those who took advantage of me, and yes pin1531 you'll pay but not by my hands, and you can call it Karma if you want, I call it God's Justice.

I've learned so much the hard way that all I can say is that I'm very thankful I'm done, I made it so far, and it's been good. Everything turned out not as I expected, but gladly for the best.

Is way funny how God speaks to me throughout other people, and every time I've made up my mind He comes with a whole new plan for me, fresh ideas, love it-love it!, and I'm excited to begin the research of scholarships in Europe, thanks to my new french friend who highly recommends them. I'm not staying in El Salvador for long, but this time I understand that is not because I'm making a fuzz about it, but because is on God's plans to take me some other place and glorify His name with my life.

So, whether it seems good, bad or blurry, let's rock out this 2011 and give our best!