Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why do we never know what we've got until it's gone?

Well in my case I remember having a beautiful skin, no pimples and no stress...

Life seemed to be very simple a couple of years ago when I used to be an au pair, and all I had to do was to focus on my job AND to make the most of my time going out. Don't get me wrong because I'm not talking about parties since I go to bed around 9pm. (For real)

I enjoyed so much, to go out for walks, go to the library, watch tons of movies on Netflix, oh Netflix... They have been sending me emails with messages like "Nora come back", with titles like "We want you to give you a free trial again", that kills me!(By the way, El Salvador is not regional eligible to have Netflix just yet)

Now that I'm back in El Salvador, I'm living the day-a-day stress of juggling with many things that doesn't concern me, but because I feel that people expects me to do them.

I believe my mind is out of place, now I think like a 'mom' would think when I go to the grocery store, I think about my family, and I always make sure I get them something as a treat because I don't want them to think that I didn't think of them while I was shopping. (You guessed well, I'm back at parents house, in my old room where I grew up as a child). But let's just things as they are, I'm the daughter and I should not feel pressured to always bring something - is ok once in a while.

A couple of weeks ago when I looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself "what is going on? what's missing here?" I realized how important is to take some "ME" time, so I decided to take a little of that a few days of the week, to keep my mind sane as well.

My routine has gone from: (No particular order though)
1. work
2. study
3. church


1. swim
2. dance lessons
3. movie time
4. study
6. cooking on Fridays (for dinner)
7. church and
8. other scheduled activities once and a while (this last one means to listen to God on what does he wants me to do in order to obey Him since He has scheduled this time for me)

In fact I will be applying 8. soon, since I will be working a full Saturday (Next Saturday) as a translator for (free) for an organization that will bring sponsors from the US to meet the children they are parenting to meet them for the first time and have a F-U-N day! I will take pictures and post them if it's possible ;)

I wish I had no stress, so inside of me I desired to have more "ME" Time... Now that I'm working to get it back I will never let it go :)