Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I rudely stared at a boy today because of Pac-Man

It was a short moment but sort of embarrassing for me to stare at a boy right in front of my house when he was walking down the sidewalk... No words would come out of my mouth as he was getting closer to my car (that was standing on his way). As I was getting ready to get my car inside my garage, my mind was blank, and then he began to walk faster avoiding the car and giving me the look "you're cute but also a weirdo for staring at me for no apparently reason."

Everything happened in less than a minute or so, but for me is still one of those 'slow motion' kinda moment when you loose yourself in a daydream. I have no idea if he was a nerd, or a geek, don't actually remember his face but man, I was astonished to see a guy wearing that awesome t-shirt.

Asking myself, if I had the chance to go back in time I would definitely open my mouth and say "Hey dude, Cool Pac-Man shirt, I'm wearing mine underneath this sweater " followed by "Where did you get yours?"


That's me in my Pac-Man shirt :D (Proof that I'm the proud owner of a Pac-Man tee)

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