Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today I went shopping... And from all the things that I had on my list, I got no one but none of them. I ended up buying your birthday present, which btw wasn't on my list. I still wonder, why in the world did I ever do that?

There are so many reasons why I shouldn't talk to you, well many valid reasons for me, and not that I'm mad, oh no, don't get me wrong, the primary reason is that I'm hurt.

I won't ever see you again, we we'll never meet again, I won't get to see your face when you open your birthday present... Makes me sad just the thought of you.

I want you to stay away from me, just like I asked you before, but this time, please do. Don't hurt me no more. Just back off, do it for me, I beg you.

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