Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Monday, almost Tuesday

Hmm I think today was pretty busy, but because I didn't write down a To Do List, I ended up 'cleaning out my bedroom' like people would say. In other words, I prioritized tasks for December instead of working on the current school projects... But hey, it was a productive day...

Here we go...

So, I went to school this morning, and... nothing really important happened, my teacher was kinda flirting with me, (as usual). Schoolmates inviting me to parties, (as usual). I was living my life as usual, until I went shopping with mom to get some vases and flowers for the kitchen, apparently I'm the new decorator at home, which is F-U-N!

Anyways, we were talking, walking and of course shopping at this crafty store... I got so excited that I ended up getting velvet and some beads for the small stockings I'm planning to give this Christmas (I wasn't really planning on doing that but it just happened), YAY :D I'm very excited, oh Nora you're so crafty!

For me, going to an arts & crafts store is an experience out of this world, it is indescribable.

Oh wow, is raining again, it's definitely time to go to bed. I should be rested up for tomorrow since it will be an awesome day, because I'm finally taking the courage to go to a Casting for t.v. commercials, I'm so pumped up :)

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