Tuesday, October 19, 2010

T.V. Commercial Star

I woke up this morning missing Baltimore, wishing I were there for a few minutes, to hug everyone I've been longing to see... Closing my eyes, I see many different faces from the people I met in that awesome period, they are smiling and doing just fine, a few doing more than fine.

What I really miss is the warmth of the people's hearts. God led me to Baltimore for a reason, and my mission was accomplished. But now, that I'm back in El Salvador, it is hard for me to recreate what I used to do, and have. I guess that something I'm craving for is a HUG. I don't let people to hug me that much anymore (at least down here the feeling has increased), I don't trust almost anyone, and somehow, my heart is feeling it.

I truly hope I get the job for t.v. commercials, hahaha I totally feel like Penny from TBBT wishing to get a roll as a movie star, and having a backup plan as a t.v. star, lawl!! just that my backup plan is to get a job at a call center in customer service for an airline.

Can't wait to travel again! love you tons my Baltimore friends!

Funny Picture btw, just don't get cocky Nora xD

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