Friday, October 8, 2010

Single for 6 months, so far so good

Okay, let's say I've been single for 6 months, according to my plans this is working just perfect, but apparently to the eyes of many who have known me way back when I was 16, they find it hard to believe...

I don't have anybody in mind either, I'm just trying to focus on what's important now, studies, church, my relationship with God and family of course!

I've never been so close to my dad like the way I am now, and not only proud, I am loving it and enjoying it so much.

I can't see why I always get judged by my 'friendships', just because I don't get along with girls doesn't mean that I'm after my boyfriends to jump into a relationship. I'm sorry but that ain't gonna happen.

It discourages me the fact that the old me is still around in many people's mind, but I'm not the same girl from back then, I'm not even the same girl from the old posts, because I'm not in love, I know that I should not let myself to fall in love with anybody at the moment, it's good to have friends, it's nice to believe that my prince is out there, somewhere, but is not the time to get stock in those thoughts, I have way better things to do, and yeah, Pin 1531, I know you're reading this, so, stop teasing me with Julio, I had enough from people at church doing it, and anyway, you have no right to talk about my personal/Love life, because anyhow, there's nothing to talk about.

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