Monday, September 6, 2010

Receipt request

Me : "Good evening, could you please help me up? I just got delivered my order and my name on the receipt is all wrong, could you please check my register and correct it?"

Lady : "Hold on"... (45 sec)

Lady : Is your name, Nora Mirian Diaz de Escobar? Nora Mirian Escobar de Diaz?

Me : NO

Lady : Oh wait, let me doble check, is it Nora - Mirian - Escobar - Diaz?

Me : NO

Nora Mirian de Escobar?

Me : (o_O)

I thought she was kidding, but seriously?

How many times can you get a name all wrong on the same phone call when you are requesting a receipt with the right name on it?

This just happened to me 10 minutes ago and those where the responses I got over the phone from a lady at the pharmacy when I was repeating my name over and over, just to discover so many different ways that someone is capable to mix up and screw up my name.

By the way my name is Nora Miriam Díaz Escobar

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