Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shy? oh no way!

I don't think there's anything I wouldn't dare to do, that leads me to my next project, my new video, I have tons of ideas that need to be put together... Or separate... Organize in general in more than 2 videos.

I want a blue wig, I want to dress up, and I want to do something fun, that's the hardest part I guess, I need to believe that wherever I go, it's not about the place, it's all about the creativity and how to show it. The only thing is to feel free to do it, I'm afraid I'll get kicked out of a parking lot, shopping mall, or supermarket... Where else can I go in El Salvador to make a fun video? I'm really open to any suggestion actually, somewhere I can go, and be myself... is that too much to ask?

Ok Nora, calm down! don't freak out, don't get frustrated, you'll get through this and somehow you'll find the way to feel comfortable with the fact that you need to put up with this situation right now, you don't like it down here, but is just temporary, so please, don't you just give up like that, think about it.

(Yeah, sometimes I talk to myself... sometimes through the mirror, and maybe I'm not the only one who does that)

I'm just a little angry because I don't feel free... I want to be myself, I want to show it.

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