Thursday, September 2, 2010

To wear whatever I want... Gotta work it!

I'm thankful somehow that I'm sick... Well, it gives me a good excuse to push myself to eat really healthy, to workout hard, not only be but feel and look healthy, and wear whatever I want... I'm not a superficial person, but now that I have no boyfriend I'm focusing a lot on myself... Putting all my energy on what's important right now.

Moving on from a relationship is hard, but I think it helps to know that my ex-boyfriends' new girlfriends aren't that pretty or they are in fact chubby, why does that helps me? oh, come on! I'm size 1, makes me feel beautiful hahahaha! (ridiculous but it does) make me have a high self-esteem.. I actually don't even need to compare myself to them, plus there's no comparison, my skills on everything are way above the standards for a 'normal' girl.

On the other hand the only side effect is that now, I'm feeling like C3PO. It's so hard for me to move and flex (right now) because I'm weight training and doing cardio. Yesterday I added 3 more pounds on arms and shoulders, and did 60 pounds on my legs.

It's totally worth it.


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