Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bride's Honor attendant

So, today was a regular day, but there was something that made it really special.

Talking with my Best Friend I threw out the question, since we've been really close and I don't think this job could be done better by anybody else...

I think I finally figured out that I won't actually have a Maid of Honor (whenever I get married) because I found out that my Best Guy friend will have that title of my maid of honor, or my honor attendant in this case.

Oh Nora, here we go again, you and your crazy ideas, but this one is for real! somehow, everything is taking place, it will take baby steps, but my dream will come true, me and my prince together forever, someday... Just have to wait a little more to meet him... again.

commissionvaicinebylovehj5.jpg anime Hug image by Yufferz-the-kid

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