Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When people stop being nice and start getting real- the Real World: MY HOUSE

It is amazing how can 1 person, YEAH not 2 or 3 but 1 person has the capability to create a chaos in my house. So, this is how I feel right now:

I was diagnosed with colitis on March 22nd of 2002, I remember that memorable day when I said for the first time -Mom, my pants don't fit me- and she thought that I was joking, well, I was very stressed, and my colon was showing it, my belly was as huge as a 3 month pregnant girl. Only that right now it could be a two month pregnancy, yup I'm stressed.

Today I'm not feeling quite happy, in fact I feel for my mom and my dad while they have to deal with an unwanted visit from their most special friend who actually has a heart bigger than Santa Claus', in a hypothetically case that he really existed, although even Santa Claus could get angry and give coal to spoiled children, anyways this is not the case... Well, maybe debatable.

It's day 2 and we can't stand this anymore, and the worse part, we just got news! this special friend instead of staying with us 7 days, he'll be 15. Hmm... fifteen minus two... oh crap.

Tomorrow I'll spend the whole day at school, I can't stand the fighting and the voices rising every 2 minutes. This is not the greatest time to be at home, study and focus, not only impossible, is annoying too.

bleach_ichitachi0516.jpg ganju and ichigo yelling at hanatarou  image animefanatic45

Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy. He's just a piece of work sometimes...
...most of the time...

Well, you know what I mean, I'm sure you all get the idea.

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