Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nothing to say

I was having our last conversation with you, over the phone... it was a goodbye with a happy ending, because we would remain friends, however, there´s not a big difference from our relationship and now, I guess we just needed to recognize that 5 months ago we were already just friends, because I never felt in your kisses that my boyfriend was ever going to come back to me..

All it´s left from "us" is pictures, I really don´t have great memories, and to be honest, it´s something that at this moment I don´t even want to think about.

Although, I can´t help it because I´m kind of angry that you have nothing else to say, you never have anything to say, good or bad, it´s upsetting.

I never got back the love I gave to you, though, I gave everything I could, to show you that I loved you like I never did before, and you took my love like paper, made a ball with it and threw it with a nice shot in the trash, yup, nice shot.

I´ll keep on dreaming with the perfect kiss, the right hug, and the unbelievable future awaiting.

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