Saturday, December 5, 2009

Today I want to

Watch a movie and see you in it

Make a movie so you can see me

Get crazy a little

Make my hair differently

Have blueberry waffles for breakfast

And some eggs too

Look pretty, to feel pretty

Go somewhere if it´s not raining

Drink lots of water

Talk to him about our future

Find some answers

Pray hard

Look at the window and not be sad

Fix my Pascualina

Take a hot shower

know why did I have that strange dream last night


Wear his hat for a while

Have a good time babysitting

Finish laundry

Vacuum my room (again)

Be myself

Sit back and relax

Take a break

Feel loved

Talk to God and be hugged by Him

Paint my finger nails

Enjoy myself

...have enough time to do it all

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