Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cross my heart

I´ve never lived a moment like this...

In the sadness I´m trying to hide, my mind tricked me really bad today. And I SAW you in the middle of a crowd, looking at me when I was turning for one second, then I turned back and you were gone... that moment, that second hit my heart so hard, I just wanted to mourn.

Just wondering how am I going to get through this. We are a team, but we´re not doing teamwork, and I can´t pull myself and you at the same time.

Surprising, almost everybody has told me you´re not the right one for me because I´m too good for you, that what I´m fighting for is worthless... but then, why inside my heart I feel that I´m doing the right thing by giving you a second chance?

I still have feelings for you... I never felt love like this before. Just whispering to the air if this is real love, and if in this story it´ll be a happy ending.

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