Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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I love him so much, that I gave him a second chance, although he is not showing any motivation... I told him, that love is a decision, and if he chooses not to love me anymore, he is not loosing just Nora, he is actually loosing the girl who had loved him the most, the one who has been there when he needed someone to trust, to believe in him, in his crazy stuff that is so awesome, it´s willing to become his wife and rule the house, and make him breakfast every morning, spend time together, and most of all, the girl who forgave him and still believe that he can change and be trustful again.

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money said...

Dont waste your time on an old realtionship. It didnt work out for a reason, and if it ended once.. it will end again. People dont change, no matter what anyone may think or say. You may have been in love, but when you find someone else you realize how much happier your are with them. You may sometimes think that you want what you had back, but dont go back to the people that have hurt you.. they will hurt you again. Love can be created with someone new, it just takes time.