Sunday, July 26, 2009

You can do it

My Dearest and Beloved, I want to make you smile, hold you in my arms.

Your happiness is my happiness, hope you can find everything you need in this new adventure. Don´t worry about the small things, you´re strong, you always make things work out, because your wise.

You are so brave, you´ve done great so far. You´ve gave your best and all you got... But still have much more to live, to give, to love. Don´t think so much about the far future is coming up, believe in yourself, trust your instincts, live one day at a time, work hard, never give up.

My promise is that you won´t be alone, angels are surrounding you wherever you go, don´t hesitate to cry on their shoulder if you need to. I know it´s a hard time for you, but remember, this is just a stage in your life that you need to get through, because you need to learn some things by your own.

Enjoy this trip, there are many more to come, don´t make your own plans, because you never know when I´m going to call you for a purpose, an important one.

Take care, be aware, I´m with you, I´m everywhere.

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