Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tell me I´m wrong, please

Today is a cloudy day in my life, I´m feeling empty and lost.

I could be packing my bags, and instead of that I´m just wasting my time. I´m tired. My body feels tired. I took a shower a few moments ago and it didn´t help. Maybe I´m just tired of what I´m doing, what I´m not, and everything else.

Depressed. That would be a good word to describe how I feel right now. There´s a lot of thoughts in my head, about loneliness, feeling trapped, not to be allowed to be myself, goodbyes, and most of all, afraid of not having a happy ending.

Imagine my last minutes in St. Louis doesn´t help to the fact that I´ll be gone. I won´t be close to the one I´m supposed to be with. And that person is going to forget about me, maybe going to brake my heart. I´m scared. I´m sad. I can´t be asking all the time for love, and someday, he will show me love... somehow.

I can´t be begging for love the rest of my life.

Do you love me or not? are you ever going to show it?

or not?

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